Curated and hosted by PIQUE and creative house, Common Base
A two-storey art show invested in showcasing the work of Toronto artists of various mediums. 

Weight Room featured creative artists Neva Wireko, Dahae Song, bizZarh, and Blues; who have been featured in major art and music publications such as The Fader, Hypebeast, Pitchfork, and Noisey. 

This high-powered creative networking session connects established and upcoming artists, as well as many prominent social media bloggers. 

Artists featured:

Dahae Song

Dahae Song is a South Korean, Toronto based interdisciplinary artist, currently attending OCAD University for a BFA in Drawing and Painting. Her work deals with issues of human experience and construction of memory and identity in a technologically mediated world, such as Dissociative disorders that arise from the digitization of interaction and relation- ships. Song explores these concepts through the symbiosis of traditional mediums and the aesthetics of the digital era. 


Teoni (aka Aqua) and Aminata (aka Blak Matilda) have collectively created the entity that is bizZarh. Raised in the west end of Toronto, they grew up writing lyrics to form escapism into surrealism. The art is in their voices; they flow together in harmony to create a balance in their fiesty, firey yet soothing, watery energies. They are the carefree black girls manifesting their dreams. Feminine, melanated, magickal, bizZarh. 


Blues is an Eritrean neo-soul and jazz singer/songwriter and fashion designer based in To- ronto. Her musical influences range from jazz legends such as Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and neo-soul artists such as Erykah Badu and D’angelo. She first appeared at Omit Limitation’s female exhibit last year and her music has received growing attention ever since. She recently dropped an EP called Black Tea and Mint. Her focus at the moment is launching her clothing brand ‘Transient’ through her upcoming music projects. 

Neva Wireko

Neva Wireko is a self-taught photographer and creative director based in Toronto. Her work is a constant manifestation of her constantly evolving vision. She walks the line of both fashion and art and frequently balances the two elements in her visuals. Her work is con- ceptually crafted and aesthetically driven. All the elements in her images are thoughtfully chosen to convey a particular look. Neva draws inspiration from all different facets of life and meticulously finds ways to translate her inspiration into new unique ideas. You can sense a level of mystery in her work, which stems from her attraction to the allure of the un- known. Neva’s main goal is to share her personal interpretation of what beauty is to the rest of the world.