The refugee crisis has been one of the most pressing global issues in recent years. Last fall, photojournalist Cody Punter spent three months following the migrant route from Turkey to Germany. Upon returning, Cody exhibited 34 of his most compelling photographs under the title The Borders In Between.

A group of friends and local bravehearts, working with Lifeline Syria sponsored a family of four to immigrate to Canada in July 2016. Continuing their support, they invited Cody and his exhibition as part of their fundraiser to raise additional support. This special presentation of Borders In Between exhibition at Rally was the first time the collection of images had been shown in Toronto. 

Cody spoke about his experience, and there was a silent auction of his most gripping photographs with proceeds going to the family. This event provided an opportunity to learn more about the crisis and to directly support those who have been affected by it.