WIDOW MAKER, a group exhibition featuring the artwork of Will Penny, Michael Porten, Britt Spencer, Elizabeth Winnel showed from 11 December to 11 January 2016 at Rally.  This was the first time the work was on view in Toronto.

WIDOW MAKER represents a union of Deep South and Great White North via four artists, Britt Spencer, Michael Porten, Will Penny and Elizabeth Winnel. All alumni of the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA and working alongside one another in a studio named for its treacherous and dilapidated state, Widow Maker.  Several years and several studios later, the four artists present a collection of new works unique to each in approach, but unified by the spirit of community, camaraderie and conversation.  

With each artist hailing from different backgrounds and locals, (Spencer from Kentucky, Porten from Indiana, and both Penny and Winnel from Ontario, Canada), they brought to Savannah unique perspectives, joining a thriving creative economy hidden within the charm of the historical coastal city. The works are the byproduct of each artist’s respective practice, while also representing ongoing dialogues, shared techniques and aesthetic challenges that connect the group as a small community under one roof. The conversation and the resulting work is a synthesis of these influences that have been shared, exchanged, borrowed, appropriated, challenged and tested. As a series of replies, exchanges and retorts, the residents of Widow Maker have built a language unique to each artist, yet connected as a collective process.