Before there was the Internet, new music was served live.
Andrew Forde and the OP Forde Quartet invited an audience into an intimate exhibit where they led them through the creative process unearthed in their musical laboratories and wowed them through a beautifully curated experience. 
Guest came for the soundscapes, left with a physical signed copy of our EP, and drank good wine among friends, lovers, and humans. 

After the show Andrew said, "It has taken me two days to recoup the outpouring of my soul. The transformation of the lights, guts and clockwork that makes me human, into sonic waves is a tremendous journey that I am always happy to take. So long as it touches you in some way. THANK YOU ALL for filling up the space, for selling the show out, for standing when there were no more chairs to be had, for crying, for laughing, for giving us back everything we emptied out to you. Live performance is a two way experience, it is a zero-sum game, and we both won. I love you all dearly."